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Our first experience in team building with another human being was in the amniotic fluid in our mother’s womb. So what better element to further expand elements of team building?  In our mother’s womb we instinctively relied upon the concept of the buddy system, as without our mother’s support, we could not exist and evolve. Likewise we rely on the buddy system in diving to ensure our well being amongst other factors.

Taking these two very basic concepts, Aqua Divers Club has created a number of aquatic activities which will lead to reinforcing the buddy system and in developing team building.

So why not develop these skills in one of the four elements and in which we were created. WATER:

Some of the activities that can be incorporated into your Company’s Team Building Efforts:

  • Underwater Treasure Hunt with snorkeling/scuba diving equipment (sea)
  • Relay race ( sea or pool ) with snorkling/scuba equipment
  • Obstacle race ( sea or pool ) with snorkeling/scuba equipment
  • Egg and Spoon race ( sea/pool) with snorkeling/scuba equipment
  • Underwater handball or hockey game ( pool ) with scuba equipment
  • Missing diver scenarios (sea) with snorkeling/scuba equipment.
  • Discover Scuba Diving. First initiation into breathing underwater ( pool or sea) with relevant diploma.
  • Underwater Fauna identification competition ( snorkeling/scuba equipment).
  • Underwater digital photo competition ( snorkeling/scuba equipment).

Reservations 60 days in advance:

Payment 50% at reservation:Balance 7 days prior to the event. Cancelation policy applies.

Minimum number of participants 10, Maximum 50

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