Rescue diver

One of the most challenging scuba diving courses. On completion of this course you will feel even more that you can contribute not only to the diving industry, but also to society at large.

The course, not only, teaches you how to hone in on all the skills previously learnt, improve your buddy techniques, but it teaches you how to recognize, solve, manage and assist in diving incidents both above and below the water.

The course also requires the participant to have or to obtain a certification in primary and secondary care (life threatening and first aid situations). As part of the Rescue Diver Course, PADI also offers the Emergency First Response programme, which covers the above. So this course will certify the participant as being qualified to solve, manage and assist in terrestrial as well as aquatic emergencies. (for more information please check the Emergency First Response programme).

During the Rescue Diver training you will complete both at a theoretical but also practical level, amongst others, the following modules: Self rescue, diver stress, panicked divers, unresponsive divers, missing diver procedures, underwater problems, emergency management and respective equipment.

The theoretical part of the course can be completed prior to the actual dives through independent study using PADI’s interactive e learning system.

  • Minimum age: 10 years
  • Minimum Certification Level: Adventure Diver

(with Navigation Adventure Dive)

  • Duration: 3 – 5 days

Private lessons  can be arranged

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