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Flights from Athens Airport to Kalamata Airport (KLX), directly connecting with international flights.
Seasonal direct flights connecting KLX to major international airport hubs.
Scheduled domestic flights connecting Kalamata to Thessaloniki and Iraklion, Crete.

Driving distance from KLX to Aqua Divers Club:

  • 50km to Gialova – Aqua Divers Club
Driving distance from Athens to Aqua Divers Club:

  • 270km to Gialova – Aqua Divers Club
Athens – Corinth – Tripoli – Megalopoli – Kyparissia – Filiatra – Marathopoli – Gialova – Aqua Divers Club
Athens – Corinth – Tripoli – Megalopoli – Kalamata – Gialova – Aqua Divers Club

Private shuttle to/from Athens International Airport
Private shuttle/taxi from Kalamata Airport to Gialova – Aqua Divers Club
Driving distance to/from Patras port: 200km
Kalamata port for cruise ships
Pylos Marina for private yachts

Dive Centre

W Costa Navarino Hotel
Gialova, 24001
Mobile: +30-6976644333
W Hotel T: +30-2723098795, Ext. 89795
Westin Hotel T: +30 2723091180, Ext. 81180

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