Working With Documents

Documents are an integral part of any job. Whether you’re handing off an assignment to an employee who is new to the team or getting ready for a busy season it is imperative to document the process. You can provide your team with a wealth information like logins to your account and step-bystep directions by creating a well-organized documentation. Documentation also reduces time, as you won’t need to go through emails or downloads to find the information you require.

Document — (noun) an item of document that contains official information like a receipt contract, or letter. Document can also be an official record written down of something like journal entries or a school report. Documents can be unstructured or semistructured. Unstructured documents can include handwritten notes, letters, and newspaper articles. Semistructured documents comprise databases, books, and online blogs. Document can also be a work of nonfiction which serves as an outline, study or comparison, such as manuscripts, printed matter, illustrations, maps, photographs and museum specimens.

A document is a file on a macOS device that includes text and formatting that can be printed out on paper or displayed on screens. You can create documents using macOS apps such as Pages and TextEdit and templates available from the App Store. For more information, see the Apple Documentation for Pages and the Apple Documentation for TextEdit. You can also seek assistance with these apps and others by clicking Help in the menu bar or by searching for “document” while working.

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