Study at Home, & Do your Training and practice with your buddy in a heated pool during the period February - April 2015.

Your open water training dives from the bay and/or boat… and be ready for the Summer to Travel and Dive!

The offer is valid until end of March!


We are approaching the middle of August but the best of the summer season diving is yet to come for us!!!

Photo Drops Of Breath

 For the first time in the world, choreographers from France, Greece and Cyprus and artists from 10 countries, present an underwater dance-visual performance.
Aqua Divers Club have been chosen to assist in the production of the first ever underwater dance performance to be held in the world.











After several years of rehabilitation, "Adriano" and "Nono" were able to return to the sea.

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* For first time Certified Divers Visiting Aqua Divers Club? Bring a friend and get a 50% discount on both dives! 

* Get your own dry suit Scubapro Trilaminate Evertec or Everydry  and have free the PADI Dry Suit course. 

* You want to dive during the winter and it's too cold? buy your on Scubapro Trilaminate Evertec Dry Suit or Scubapro Everydry Dry Suit and have free the Dry Suit Diver Specialty

* Become an Advanced Open Water Diver and earn the Enriched Air Specialty training Free

* Become a Rescue Diver and Emergency First Responder and earn the Oxygen Provider Specialty at no extra cost

* Become a Master Scuba Diver and pay for 4 specialties with the fifth one free. ( Free Certification not applicable for deep, wreck, search and recovery specialties )

* Special course packages, saving over 30%: Open Water Course plus Mares Puck dive computer for € 525, or Multilevel Specialty plus Mares PUCK dive computer for € 350, or an Enriched Air Course pus Mares PUCK dive computer for € 375.



For more information Contact: Our Dive Centre: +30 22910 53461 or ring/sms +30 6974840084, +30 6976644333

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April 6th – 15th 2013

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Another highly successful  Safari finished after 9 days with a lot of fun and many-many wonderful dives!

This was the largest group, ever organized by the Club with 35 people coming from Canada, Camerouns, USA, France, Germany, Greece, Austria, UK, Switzerland. It was as if the UN had gone diving !!!!

Aqua Divers Club in Grecia accoglie 23 studenti/professori dalla Svizzera

Dal 17 al 21 settembre 2012, un gruppo di studenti e professori dalla Svizzera hanno visitato la Grecia e il centro Aqua Divers Club Diving, nell'ambito della settimana di sviluppo personale delal loro scuola svizzera. Il concetto di questo programma è di assistere le communità locali offrendro dei servizi che approfittano alla communità e all'ambiente. Il gruppo venuto in Grecia...

We have just finalized the programme with Golden Dolphin and the dates are as follows: April 6th – 15th 2013


IE 2012 47  Nov2012 IDC  IDC PHOTO2  MARIA2

Want the Sea to Be your Office?

Become a PADI Instructor!

Instructor Development Course (IDC)/EFR Instructor Course /Instructor Exam (IE)

9 October - 24 October 2016


PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)

FREE Emergency First Response Instructor Course

One extra day’s training for TWO FREE Instructor Specialties: Enriched Air Diver & O2 Provider


Two extra days' training for 5 Instructor Specialties

FREE Accommodation for IDC/EFR courses/IE/ Specialties 

FREE use of equipment

FREE IDC Preperation

All the Training both in the water and the classroom is managed personally by the Course Director

 A full 11 day course preparation in order to achieve the best results!

(*) the price doesn’t include PADI Fees and Training materials




Pacchi a prezzi ridotti per la stagione invernale.


Open water ad advanced con immersioni gratuite


Aqua Divers Club becomes the first Greek member of Longitude 181 Nature, an association of responsible divers.

Created in 2002, Longitude 181 Nature is an association dedicated to underwater environmental education for divers and dive centers.
Longitude 181 Nature gathers around 250 individual members and 150 dive centers, that are known as ambassador centers, that are either non profit making associations or commercial professional clubs.
Half of these clubs are based in France, in the French Antilles and Polynesia and the other half are in the rest of the world, especially in the Red Sea, Africa, and Asia. More than 3000 people are in touch with our association's activities each year.
Longitude 181 Nature was created in order to incite divers and dive centers to take action in marine life protection, through an enhanced comprehension of this ecosystem.
Find out more at Logo_ambassadeur_Fr_RVB


21 members of Aqua Divers Club dived in the sea at ASTIR BEACH CLUB in Vouliagmeni, to remove items not belonging to the aquatic environment! In appreciation of this effort, ASTIR Beach offered lunch for the divers who worked really hard!
2011_06_05_ASTIR_moatsosCIMG2904 2011_06_05_ASTIR_moatsosCIMG2894
Summer is almost here and with the sea temperature rising, the rehabilitated Sea Turtles from the ARCHELON Sea Turtle Rescue Centre, are waiting with anxiety their turn to be released back into the Sea!
“Damaskinia” was the first to board “MED1” and was released on the evening of Thursday 2nd of June 2011, south of Arsida Isle.
“Damaskinia”, wishing you many happy and safe dives! 


2011_cleanup_IMG_0436 The Annual Underwater Clean Up at the Calypso Bay was held on May 22nd 2011, with 15 participating divers.
Everybody worked hard, cleaning the bay from the many ropes, chains, anchors and concrete blocks that were on the seabed, plus a large quantity of plastic and glass rubbish. So now the bay is in pristine condition, once again.
The lunch offered after the dive, by the Hotel Calypso, was more than welcomed for all the hard working divers!


Three more highly successful PADI Instructor Development Courses (IDC), were organized by Aqua Divers Club in Anavyssos, Attica, two during March and April 2011, and the third in May 2011, thereby welcoming 8 new AI’s/OWSI’s to the diving market.

The program, which prepares future PADI diving instructors, took place in an extremely relaxed and calm atmosphere, as the Aqua Divers Club facilities are located right in front of the sea at Anavyssos, Parallel to the IDC, the candidates completed their training as EFR Instructors and also obtained the Enriched Air Instructor Specialty.
The candidates successfully completed the Instructor Examinations (IE) on April 9th & 10th for the first two IDC’s and May 16th & 17th for the third, which were organized and conducted by external examiners from the diving organization PADI. 

 IE_2011_04_athinaD90_05573 The PADI 5* Instructor Development Dive Resort, Aqua Divers Club provides the ideal conditions for the education/training of potential PADI instructors. Its modern facilities have been specifically created for the development and instruction of IDC programs. Right in front of the dive center's facilities lies the protected Calypso Bay where the candidates' in water training is conducted. Above the Aqua Divers Club centre, is the Kalypso traditional hotel where the candidates can stay, thereby not wasting any time at all in transportation to and from the centre or to and from the dive training sites.  Aqua Divers Club, in order to create the best possible environment for their candidates, offers free accommodation at the Kalypso hotel, for the duration of the course, as well as a free Enriched Air Instructor Specialty.

For more information, click here.


ARCHELON_news_athina34907 Aqua Divers Club Diving Center quest' anno ha concentrato i propri sforzi sulle attività ambientali al programma di sviluppo della vasca pricipale di riabilitazione di ARCHELON a Glyfada, il centro di salvataggio della tartarughe di mare,contribuendo per ogni certificazione di subacquea ricreativa PADI dal maggio 2011.
Per celebrare il lancio del progetto, una sessione di immersioni con bombole si è svolto presso il centro di salvataggio della tartaruga di mare (terzo porticciolo Glyfadas), sabato 7 e domenica 8 maggio 2011!
Più di 20 persone hanno assistito a questo evento con molto interesse per le immersioni con bombole. "E' stata una nuova esperienza molto divertente" ci hanno detto i partecipanti. Non possiamo dimenticare l'interesse dei ragazzi che stavano nuotando con il solo snorkel insieme a noi nella vasca delle tartarughe! Alcuni giorni dopo l'acqua era abbastanza calda per consentire a "Smaro„ ,la tartaruga di mare della specie Caretta,di prendere il nostro posto nella vasca centrale del Centro di Salvataggio! ARCHELON_news_athina34923
PADI Gold Palm Resort

Aqua Divers Club PADI   5* Instructor Development Dive Resort e’ un centro immersioni situato al km 48.5 della strada Atene – Sounio, posto in fronte alla spettacolare baia dell' Hotel Calypso è uno dei pochi centri immersione subacquea nella regione dell’ Attica ad affacciarsi direttamente sul mare.

L'hotel del Calypso vanta una lunga relazione con la subacquea, Jacques Cousteau ha risieduto e si e’ immerso in questi luoghi all’ inizio degli anni sessanta /settanta e lo stesso ha fatto suo figlio Jean Michel durante i Giochi Olimpici di Atene del 2004.

Il centro è attivo tutto l'anno, 7 giorni alla settimana aperto a partire dalle 9.00 alle19.00 ed è a breve distanza dal centro di Atene e dall'aeroporto internazionale.

Una gamma completa di corsi PADI è disponibile a tutti i livelli dal principiante all'istruttore.

Con oltre 25 luoghi da visitare si effettuano immersioni dallo scafo due volte al giorno verso le isole vicine per visitare pareti, canyons, caverne, relitti e scogliere. Ogni luogo è unico per la visione offerta della flora e fauna sottomarina.

Ulteriori informazioni circa Aqua DiversClub


alt Aqua Divers Club has a close collaboration with ARCHELON, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece and assists its Rescue Centre in Athens with the release of injured sea turtles back into the sea, once they have received specialized treatment and rehabilitation. Archelon


Tutti i corsi PADI sono offerti in: inglese, francese, tedesco e greco. Gli istruttori sono multilingue ed il materiale didattico è fornito nella lingua appropriata.

Le lezioni dei Corsi PADI sono rivolte a singoli o gruppi fino ad un massimo di cinque alunni e sono programmati per assecondare la disponibilita' degli studenti.

Tutti i corsi di scuba diving PADI offerti, da Bubblemaker ad Istruttore, seguono gli standard PADI e sono finalizzati al rilascio del relativo certificato o brevetto.

I corsi per principianti si svolgono nella sicurezza della protezione offerta dalla baia che ospita Aqua Diversa Club. Il fondo sabbioso scende dolcemente fino ad una profondità di 8 metri ed offre condizioni ideali per le esercitazioni rivolte, in particolare, ai novizi. La baia e' racchiusa da una scogliera dove più di 30 specie ittiche sono stati notate tra le formazioni rocciose.

A richiesta sono disponibili speciali programmi di immersioni subacquea ritagliati su misura per rispondere alle esigenze di studenti dai 10 anni di eta' , che conducono al rilascio del certificato PADI JUNIOR OPEN WATER DIVER.

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Study at Home, & Do your Training and practice with your buddy in a heated pool during the period February - April 2015.
Your open water training dives from the bay and/or boat… and be ready for the Summer to Travel and Dive!
The offer is valid until end of March!

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We are approaching the middle of August but the best of the summer season diving is yet to come for us!!!

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