All Scuba equipment is checked annually by BVQI to ensure that it conforms to the European Standards.

alt MED1: A 9.3 metre TYPHOON RIB with a 250hp four stroke Suzuki outboard engine, specially designed for scuba diving activities. Maximum capacity 11 divers with full equipment for double tank dives. Fully laden with all the required safety devices plus on board oxygen.
One 5.3 metre Zodiac RIB with 115hp Yamaha outboard. Re configurated for scuba diving activities.Maximum capacity 8 divers with full equipment. Fully equipped with all the required safety devices plus on board oxygen alt
alt PARAMINA TYPHOON SILENT COMPRESSOR: Silent compressor is an extremely reliable breathing
air compressor. Delivery rate: 220 lit/min (8cfm) , Compressor speed: 1000 rpm ,
Air quality meets and exceeds EN12021 & BS4275 standards
KING EANx and TRI-MIX BLENDER to create gases of enriched air up to 40%.

Wet suits:Full length  5mm/7mm with hoods/gloves for winter diving and shorties available for the summer.Sizes XXS - XXL

Fins: both open heel with boots and closed.
Compasses: Integrated onto consol or wrist held.
Submersible Marker Buoys.
Tanks: 10/12/15  litres compressed air and nitrox
Regulators: Mares MR 12/AXIS R are fitted with second stage, alternative air source.
Console: with depth and pressure gauges.
BCD’s: Sizes XXS - XL
Masks: Full selection of masks for all ages.
Cameras: Nikonos IV and Canon WP DC12 with underwater housing.
First aid mannequins: “ Adam” and "Baby Annie" for resuscitation/CPR training purposes, AED trainer, fully equipped medical chest, back board and oxygen.
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Open Water Touch 40% Special Offer for you and your Buddy!

Study at Home, & Do your Training and practice with your buddy in a heated pool during the period February - April 2015.
Your open water training dives from the bay and/or boat… and be ready for the Summer to Travel and Dive!
The offer is valid until end of March!

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We are approaching the middle of August but the best of the summer season diving is yet to come for us!!!

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