EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE INSTRUKTOR: Dieser Kurs ermöglicht Dir, die Kurse Primary and Secondary Care (Erstt- und Zweitversorgung) und Care for Children (Versorgung von Kindern) zu unterrichten, sowie die Benuntzung von einem automatischen externen Defibrillator,und CPR mittels einer Puppe.

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Open Water Touch 40% Special Offer for you and your Buddy!

Study at Home, & Do your Training and practice with your buddy in a heated pool during the period February - April 2015.
Your open water training dives from the bay and/or boat… and be ready for the Summer to Travel and Dive!
The offer is valid until end of March!

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We are approaching the middle of August but the best of the summer season diving is yet to come for us!!!

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