After several years of rehabilitation, "Adriano" and "Nono" were able to return to the sea.

 "Adriano" had probably been struck by a boat injuring him on the head as well as the carapace. He was rescued in Lefkada in 2011 before being sent to the ARCHELON Sea Turtle Rescue Center. His injuries were severe and needed lots of care to pull it through.

"Nono" was found with a head trauma  in Hydra in 2012. Luckily the injury was shallow not threatening his life. It still took several years to recover completely. 


The whole process need a lot of support both human and financial to male this miracle happen.This included individuals passing on the information about injured turtles, the Coast Guards by transferring the turtle to the nearest mean of transport, other organisations looking after the animals before their transfer, Buses and Ferries offering free passage to our injured turtles, and volunteers helping to rehabilitate them.

AQUADIVERS helps to raise awareness towards the marine ecosystem which sea turtles are part of. They also encourage divers to help by donating a portion of the course fees to help ARCHELON. 

They also helped us return small turtles such as "Adriano" and Nono" to the sea by  taking them offshore.

Thank you very much for making this happen !

Safe travelling to our "little" friends


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